October 19

We started the day with a morning at it. After that we worked collectively on some guided reading questions about a diary writer. After that, we had gym in French.

After First Nutrition break we had an activity where we took information from a classroom data and compared it to other surveys done by other classes in Canada. We’re trying to find out if our class is weird or not. I suspect we are. Then, we tried to enter that data into a graph on our Chromebooks. It was a little frustrating for some but I think we are starting to get it. After that, we had him out to the caitian Blaster and we read from our book Hatchet. Brian has found a bunch of raspberries and also almost got attacked by a bear.

After nutrition break, we had gym.  

Please read for 20 minutes tonight.

October 18

Sorry I haven’t written the blog the last two days. I had been ill on Monday, and I was away most of the day on Tuesday for a meeting.

We started the day with a morning at it. Then, we started to work on a shared reading of a story about writing in a diary. We are going to answer these questions as a class group and get better at these type of questions so we can work in smaller groups later.

After that, we had Jim and French.

After First Nutrition break, we were in the library. Next, we had an multiplication Blaster. We are working on multiplying with much larger numbers now. After that, we learned how to use Google Sheets to add a graph. We are going to discuss which graphs show which information sets better.

After second nutrition break, we worked on are invasive species presentations. I think after one more block, we should be ready to start presenting.

For homework please read for 20 minutes

October 13

We started the day with a morning at it. After that we worked on some interesting and spooky stories about October 13th. Then, we had to watch the movie Holes.

After French and First Nutrition break, we worked on finishing our mode student drawings. We also worked on a math multiplication blaster. After that, we continue to watch our movie Holes. After second nutrition break, we finished watching the movie. We also had gym.

For homework, please read for 20 minutes a day.