September 18

We started off by looking at our writing. We started an anchor chart on personal narratives. Then, we spent some time trying to develop our ideas. Next, we had Jim and then we had French.

After First Nutrition break, we went to the library. Next, we had an estimation about how many Staples are in a strip of Staples. Then, we learned about a strategy to keep the differences the same and help us do subtraction a lot quicker. Those questions are on the Block as well as a short video to explain the strategy.

After that, we had our read aloud. The town’s folk of Green Lake have killed Sam!

For science, we continue to work on our planet presentations. They are coming along quite well!

Please remember the tomorrow is picture day. Make sure you’re wearing your nicest clothes and wearing your biggest smiles.


September 15th 

We started the day by working on a writing Bingo sheet. We’re using it to generate ideas for our personal narratives that will be writing next week. Then, we had Jim and French. We also had a fire alarm!

After First Nutrition break, we had an estimation about the number of cheese balls in these giant jars. Then, we watched a video on how to do an adding up strategy in subtraction. I have included the video on the blog. You should take a look with your parents. Then, we had a question about me singing in a concert. It is also included in the blog. Finally, to end our math., we had a game of pig! It is a great probability math game.

After second nutrition break, we had our read aloud. Stanley does not want to see mr. Sir. He’s not giving any water at all! Also, we worked on our science unit with planets. Kids are going to start making their Google slide presentations shortly.

For homework, please read for 20 minutes. See you on Monday!