May 18

We started off with self-selected reading. After that, we looked at some of the answers for Ari Quail presentation about the free fall jump from space. We are starting our equipo testing on Tuesday, and I’m sure everyone will do very well. Next, we had gym and then French.

After First Nutrition break, we went to the library. Then, we didn’t last minute. Next, we looked at some he could go questions and answered some stuff about fractions. Then, we purged our desk of all the loose papers and tidied up the classroom of it. Oh, we also had a fire alarm.
After second nutrition break, the students form two groups based on their native tribes and started to put together their presentations.

For homework please read for 20 minutes every night


May 16

We start our day with self-selected reading. After that we looked at a neat to a question based on a gentleman who had the largest free fall in the world. He jumped off a balloon at 39000 km. We’re going to look at how we answered the question tomorrow. After that, we had French.

Octopus nutrition break, we had our Westmount Scott talent show. It was really good!

At the end of the day, we did a poetry magnetic art Saying on the Chromebook. They turned out pretty strangely.
Please read for 20 minutes

May 14

We started the day with self-selected reading. After that we read an interesting article on a school board in the United States that allows elementary students to have cell phones. Then, we wrote a paragraph on how we felt about technology and if it was good or bad in the school. After that, We had music and French.
After First Nutrition break, we had a math minute. Then we had a math talk about how to answer certain kind of questions to do with tiles. We then went and answered some similar style questions, which I’ve included in the blog as a picture. We are getting much better at answering these kind of questions. It was hard for kids to think of the tiles in the square area as separate things. Also, we had our read aloud. Matt got in a lot of trouble for being late for his duty.

After second nutrition break, we worked a little bit on our native tribes. Then, we went outside for gym.

Track and field forms went home today. Also please read for 20 minutes