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Math question


April 19

We started today with sauce like the greeting. After that we worked on our poetry books. I’ve got about a quarter of them handed in. Next, we went through and looked at the science fair. There are many many good projects. Then we had French.
After First Nutrition break, we worked on a math minute. We also then watched a presentation about how decimals could be changed into fractions and percentages. After that, we worked on an EQAO question. Many kids had trouble deciphering exactly what the question was asking. To see the questions search the previous posts. They’re not hard mathematically, but they do require careful reading of the question.

After second nutrition break, we worked on trying to finish our probability board games. Two groups are already finished. We should be able to get them finished tomorrow or Monday.
Remember to drop by the science fair tonight. It is running from 6 to 7:30. Remember, you need to come with an adult if your student. Also, please read for 20 minutes