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June 18

Started our day with self-selected reading. After that, we had an article about a raccoon climbing a skyscraper. I don’t think he was very frightened, but I know I would be. Next, we worked on our passion projects. Many kids still had very broad topics, and I had to meet with several of them to narrow their focus. After that, we had gym and French.

After First Nutrition break, we had a math blaster. Then, we Did some estimation activities and a math talk about probability. Following that, we had a meeting with our other grade 6 class to plan out some of the problems with our big fun day on Wednesday. I think we have all the Kinks worked out now. There’s another one home today about having a potluck. Please look at it and think about something you might like to bring. It is not mandatory, however. We also had a Activity where we made flexahexagon S. I will try to include a link at the end of this post so that you can see what a hexaflexagon is. They’re pretty cool. It took us the rest of the day and we still haven’t mastered them.
Remember to look at the note about the potluck. Also, we will be having a giant slip-and-slide. It should be pretty cool but if you want to take part in it you need to bring a bathing suit on Wednesday. Also, another note about the reptile show went home. Very few kids have brought in their $3 cost.

Please read for 20 minutes tonight

June 14th

We started the day with self-selected reading. After that, we read an article on how owls can see in the dark. Then we went over some of our passion projects. A lot of people are getting better at choosing some way to present their project. Next, we had French.

After First Nutrition break, we had a math blaster. Then we talked about the different activities we wanted to do for our play day. Next, we went over to the other grade 6 class and had a discussion about how we are going to do the different activities. It seems like we got a pretty good plan together and it should work out rather well. Also, we finished up some of our brick counting. We should be able to tabulate tomorrow.
We also started a read-aloud about the Louis Sachar book Tales From Wayside School. It is a very silly. To end the day, we had gym.

If you are going to track and field tomorrow, please bring a hot water bottle and your lunch. We will be leaving as soon as we can. If you are not participating in track and field, you will be assigned to another class. For homework, please read for 20 minutes

June 13

We start our day with self-selected reading. After that, we ended up working on an article that explain the science of soccer. It was really cool! We also had some time to work on our passion projects. Next, we had music and French.
After First Nutrition break, we had a meeting about our fun day. We got a lot of good ideas being discussed. After that, we finished counting the bricks in the school. It took a lot longer than I thought it would and we’re still not finished. After that, we watched a short video on how big an atom was.
After second nutrition break, we finished our read aloud. Everything worked out for Matt and Kate. Also, we had gym at the end of the day.
Please remember to read for 20 minutes tonight. Also there is a form that went home today talking about the reptile show and what money is to be brought in.

June 11

We start off the day with self-selected reading. After that, we looked at an article on why we don’t fall out of roller coasters when they go upside down. Next, we looked at some different topics for our passion projects. Every kid now has some direction of where they are going. Following that, we had French and gym.

After First Nutrition break, we had a math blaster. Then, we looked at some videos on how to understand capacity. We also figured out our lung capacity by blowing out water from a 2 liter bottle. It was very messy! Following that, we had our read aloud. Matt is going up to the top of the Airship to fight the villain.
After second nutrition break, we had discussion about what our staycation would be like. We got lots of good ideas about things we want to do during that day. Also, we watched a video on static electricity.

A note went home today about ordering spiritwear. Please read for 20 minutes