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January 17

We started the day with self-selected reading. After that, we worked on writing a persuasive pieces about our amusement parks. We want to have as many people come to them as possible. Then, we had gym in French.

After First Nutrition break, we had our real loud. Shade is in a lot of trouble with the owls. Then, we left for our trip at gzowski park. It was really cool there! We got to build shelters and play games and look for animal tracks. It was really cold, however!

Please check school day to fill in the forms for the field trip next Wednesday. Will be going to the Kitchener Auditorium to see the Laurier and Waterloo basketball teams play.
Please read for 20 minutes


January 16

We started the day with self-selected reading. After that, we worked on the sound waves EQAO question. Then we looked at what a level 3 and level 4 would be. I think most kids did significantly better on the second question. After that, we had gym and French.

After First Nutrition break, we had music. Then we looked at some math equation problems. I’m going to a professional development seminar next week which I have to have these completed. They were very difficult. We need to spend a lot more time on trying to decipher questions.

After second nutrition break, we started to work on a brochure for our amusement parks. We are working on persuasive writing and computer skills.
Tomorrow we have a trip. Please make sure you are dressed properly and you have brought in your form. Also, please read for 20 minutes.

January 15

We started off the day by looking at re Creo story about sound. Then we did some answering of those questions. Kids answers are getting much better! After that, we finished our read aloud. Zinkoff got picked for a team! Then, we had French.

After First Nutrition break, we looked at finding out the surface area of rectangular prisms. The kids are seeming to get this. It went pretty well. When they finished, they worked on their amusement park Area Activity.
After second nutrition break, we once again looked at the different influences that affect your view of yourself. We had a really good discussion on how video games and family may have a large effect on how someone sees them self. During the day, we had gym.
Please bring back the trip form if you have not already brought it back. Also, Pizza prepaid orders are due.

I will include a video on the blog for the different measurement activities that we’ve been doing. Please watch those and review the different strategies.