January 12

We started the day with self-selected reading. After that, we looked at it musician peace about How Sound is transmitted and how our brain interprets it. After that, we worked on answering questions about the reading. Then, we had French and music.
After First Nutrition break, we looked at some area perimeter and volume problems. We calculated the area perimeter and volume of the gym! Also, we watch some videos on measurement. Next, we started to design an amusement park using perimeter and area to help us.

To end the day we had gym.

Please remember to bring in your trip forms. Also, I will try to put up the video that we watched today for measurement. It just won’t be right now, because I have to drive to London tonight to watch a hockey game and the roads don’t look too good. Also, please make sure you read for 20 minutes tonight


January 11

We started our day with some self-selected reading. After that we once again looked at the question of the washerman and the Potter. We acted out some of the story so kids could better in for what the King was thinking. Next, we went to gym. Then, we had French.
After First Nutrition break, we went to the library. Then, we had math. we looked at estimates of area in our school based on Google Maps. Then, we made a box out of graph paper and discuss how the volume would be related to the length, width, and depth.

We then read from our read aloud. Zinkoff is suffering from hypothermia. He’s in danger of dying!

After second nutrition break, we watch some small cute videos about grammar. We are having some trouble with sentence structure, and it would be nice if we could use the proper parts of speech.

A trip form went home today. We are going to gzowski park next week. If you can volunteer, please let me know. The cost of the trip is free!
Please read for 20 minutes.

January 10

Navigate to start start training. After that we looked at how to answer that Eqao question about the fable. Next we had gym and French.

After First Nutrition break, we had music. Then, we worked on our area and perimeter and volume exercises. We took a perimeter of our foot and made it into a square and discuss why would have a different area. Also, we started to make a box out of centimeters squared graph paper.

After second nutrition break, we continued to work on our science. We looked at mealworms and their grow cycle. Also, we read aloud from our book.

For homework, please read for 20 minutes

January 9

We started our day with self-selected reading. After that, we looked at the same EQAO question that we looked at before. We talked about how to try to start answering. Many kids gave him much better effort today. Next, we went to gym. It was a cool gamer we threw balls at bugs on the wall. After that, we had French.

After First Nutrition break, we had music. Then, we looked at some math. We started to draw our feet on a piece of paper. After that, we traced it on to centimeter graph paper. We find the area and perimeter of our feet.

After second nutrition break, we read from our book. Zinkoff has graduated to Middle School!

We also started to look at some ways that we are influenced by people and things. I was surprised at how many kids were so Savvy with social media. Many have several accounts and are on quite a bit of screen time.
Walmart, tell your parents about all the social media that you are aware of. Also, please read for 20 minutes. As a side note, there is no pizza this week.