September 14

We started the day with finally finishing off all of our superheroes. Next, we had Jim and played some Cooperative games. Then, we had French.

After First Nutrition break, we had music. Next, we had math. We estimated the amount of reams of paper in a box. Then, we used an addition video to help give us strategies of complementary numbers to make addition easier. Then, we worked on some different questions that are in pictures on the blog.

Following that, we read from our read aloud. Stanley is in a lot of trouble with mr. Sir. He didn’t steal the sunflower seeds, but that won’t really matter once mr.sir finds him.

After second nutrition break, we had a working with words activity. We cut out Letters Out of strips of paper and rearrange them to form different words. It was a lot of fun!

For homework tonight, please read for 20 minutes. Also, please come over and visit me at the school. It is meet the teacher night! It will be from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. . Hope to see you there!


September 13

We started our day with still trying to finish off our superheroes and summer paragraphs. Almost the whole class is finished now, but we still have a few kids that need to finish up some stuff tomorrow. I’m hopeful to have them on the wall for when parents come to see them on Thursday night. Next, we had read aloud. Stanley is in the right place at the right time for once, but he still doesn’t get the day off. Now the warden is digging in the wrong place. After that, we had French.
We started math with an estimation of a pile of paper. Then we worked on a prime and composit question about modular dock pieces. It was pretty interesting. We also watch the short video of explaining prime and composite numbers. After that we started our science for working on our planets.

To end the day we had gym.

For tonight please read 20 minutes and make sure you have all of your forms filled out especially for school day.