September 6

Wow, what a great day!  There are 31 students in Mr. Lloyd’s grade 5/6 class, so it is very busy here!  Everyday I will try to give a description of what we did during the day.  it’s a great way to know what is going on in our class.

Today, we started off by meeting everyone.  The, we had French.  Then, we had gym.  After that, we went over our class rules.  Our name is the Pythons!

After 1st NB, we did some art about our summer (pic posted).  Next, we had our read aloud.  Aiden and Meg want to escape! (pic posted).

After 2nd NB, we wrote about about our summer.  We also made name tags and had a tour of our school.

Please go through and fill out the forms that went home.

Try this funbrain activity to get ready for our place value unit in math.  Start easy and see how high that you can go!

See you tomorrow!



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